we were extremely happy with our students & the tours

We (2 couples) did this tour with 2 fantastic students. I can’t remember their names but they will know from the photos. The was an awesome morning & well worth doing. It is an easy ride which anyone can do. (I’m in my 50’s with heart issues & had no problems) You meet at a kiosk & given instructions on where & what you will do & see along the way. You first ride through town to the jetty to catch the ferry across to the island, mixing it with the locals fitting the bikes/mopeds on board. The “roads” (more like wide pathways) are safe & flat. You get to see how the true locals live & survive. Making the rice noodles & beach mats as their source of income. The people let you into their homes & share this experience with them. Lovely, friendly & beautiful people. You get to learn a bit about the history of Hoi An visiting the temple & the boat building yard. In doing this tour, you are assisting in the education of these students, teaching them a bit of English (or Aussie slang). The only fee is for your boat ride across to the island where the locals live. You can donate to the students tour organisation, if you feel this is warranted. Yes it is….& thank you. The students speak broken english & try very hard to make themselves understood. They are like trainee tour guides, explaining everything along the way & do it very well. There are heaps of photo opportunities along the way. We thought that this tour was one of the highlights of our stay. You finish the tour back at another cafe, where you can purchase a refreshing cool drink. The students give you a survey to fill in, regarding your experience & assessing the students. I know we were extremely happy with our 2 students & the tour. I (we) wish them all the best for their future studies & we would love to do this again

Source: Tripadvisor.com

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