“Escape from tourist crowds”

After reading most of the recent reviews about the Free Bicycle Tours of Hoi An I did not know how I could write anything different that has not been written before on previous reviews only maybe to fine tune a brilliant concept in the first place.
My wife and I are both close to 70 and after a 3 week tour of Cambodia and Vietnam we both agree that this has been the highlight of our holiday and for the small charge for the tour(50,000 dong or $2.50) that we had the pleasure of giving back to the attractions visited, this far eclipsed any thing else that we paid much more on our holiday. Our 2 young guides were absolutely brilliant, they looked after us like we were their parents and being a small group of 2 guides and three participants we were able to ask many questions and receive very informing answers to our questions. This was not all one way traffic as their thirst for knowledge of our language and customs was answered by us to the best of our abilities. We were lucky enough to visit Kim Bong island and it was an absolute pleasure to ride around the many roads and lane ways in the much quieter pace of the island. The attractions we visited on the island were not the tourist attraction type but more a visit to somebody’s house where we were able to gain first hand knowledge of their skills. The only things that maybe could improve this tour would be to have a more visible sign at the meeting point for the tour and maybe to give back to the island people the opportunity to provide a stop for an optional drink or cup of coffee in one of the establishments on the island. This should not cancel out the evaluation of the tour at the end of the tour(with drink or coffee) and is only a suggestion that may be added to a already exceptional tour.

Source: Tripadvisor.com

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