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“A Must Go in Hoi An”

Review from Shing (Singapore)

I did a Kim Bong Free village tour with Hoi An free tour in January, met up with three students who were my guides for the day, the plus side of having locals=paying local prices and having the real experience to things. The village tour on rented bicycles was really interesting and non touristy, we saw how rice paper was made, visited some plantations and mingled with local kindergarden children, most of all it was the cultural exchange and times of sharing between my guides that really made the trip so special.

The students make use of this platform to improve their english language and at the same time introduce their beautiful town to foreigners, a very enthusiastic and friendly bunch, that really adds a local feel to the whole tour takes from morning to late afternoon.

Highly recommended and most of all..its FREE!:)

Date 8/2/2012

Source: Tripadvisor.com

“Hoi An, a must see destination while in Vietnam.”
Review from Andrew (Singapore)

I have been fortunate to live in Hoi An for 18 months while I worked in Da Nang. It was a place I really looked forward to getting home to every evening after work. With the Ancient Village, local restaurants, markets, tailors, artist and photographic studios, and great beaches there was always something happening. Although Hoi An has a steady flow of tourists throughout the year, it has a far more relaxing rural atmosphere than the nearby Da Nang. Because of the flow of tourists a lot more of the locals speak English. Dont forget to bargain for everything sold on the street otherwise you may find yourself being ripped off. I met some fantastic people in Hoi An and now that I am living in Saigon I cant wait to get back there for a relaxing weekend.

Date 9/2/2012

Source: Tripadvisor.com

“A great experience in Hoian. Highly recommended!”
Review from Sivan (US)

I had the pleasure of taking a free bike tour with Hoian Free Day Tours.
It was my last day in Hoian and the two tour guides took me to an un touristic place to see. It was a great experience and I wished I could have few more hours exploring.

This is a great opportunity to support the local students who want to improve their English. In return, they give you a warm welcoming and some great insights about Hoian.

Highly recommended when you are in Hoian

Date 9/2/2012

Source: Tripadvisor.com

“Our favourite morning in Vietnam”
Wellington, New Zealand

The free bike tour of Cam Kim Island was a sunny, cheap, relaxed and interesting way to spend a morning away from the pushy tailors. We are a group of 3 students (22-23). After booking our places by email, we hired bikes ($1) and met our young student guides at 9am. We caught a local commuter boat across to Cam Kim Island which was scenic in its own right. On the island we visited local boat builders, bed weavers, noodle makers, rice paddies, local houses and a temple. It gave us our first and only real insight into the lives of local villages in Vietnam. Above all it was very relaxing biking around a scenic little island in the sun chatting away to our guides.
Tour time: 2 hours
Total cost: $3 ($1 ferry, $1 gratuities to locals, $1 bike hire)
Thank you to Hoi An Free Day Tours for a wonderful morning

Date 9/2/2012

Source: Tripadvisor.com

“A great experience, definitely one of the best things to do in Hoi An”
Review from Martin (Mexico)

I visited Hoi An last january, and found out about this tour thanks to Internet. It was lots of fun, all the guides were really really nice, they were genuinely interested in us tourists, so it was a cool feedback. I strongly recommed this tour, we went to a nice small village named Kim bong, next to Hoi An, and watched craftsmen building boats, embroiding mats, making noodles and carving wood. The best thing is that you can actually go inside the local´s houses, and they will even let you try making noodles or helping them to embroid a mat. It was awesome, especially for the experience of hanging out with locals and getting to know people from such a remote place, who are kind and have a great attitude. If you like riding a bike, I think it’s a great way to get to know a different side of Vietnam.

Date 12/2/2012

Source: Tripadvisor.com

“Excellent tour great young tour guides we all had a great day thank you”
Review from Peter (Maitland, New South Wales, Australia)

This is a free cycle tour of 4hrs duration. the only cost is U$2 for bike hire and about .50cents for boat trip.i liked the personal touch there were only 4 of us and 2 guides.Loved to see the local people in a typical vietnam village. we seen boat building, wood carving, rice noodle making and mat weaving.These are all back yard industries on a small scale.the ride is all on flat ground and an easy ride. I am 64 and had no trouble.our guides are students who have a good grasp of english. They have a good knowlege of the village and are very informative. a great tour and somthing different.Thank to our wonderful guides. I can highly recommend this tour

Date 14/2/2012

Source: Tripadvisor.com

“Great fun and very relaxed”

Review from Rockyrips (Wollongong, Australia)

My experiance echos the previous comments – the riding is easy, the stops are interesting and the guides are fun and friendly. We had 6 tourists to 4 guides which was great. The guides are keen to converse in english so expect to be answering questions as well as asking them. One caveat though – if your expecting a proffessional and informative tour pay for one. On our tour we got lost more than once and had to ask the local villagers for directions! That’s not a complaint though – the entire tour was a lot of fun and informative and we definately got off the beaten path.

Date 19/2/2012

Source: Tripadvisor.com


Review from Anna (Spain)

I was very lucky to find out about these free tours. I enjoyed my stay in Hoi An very much, and the day I spent cycling around the Cam Kim Island accompanied with university students was just perfect. It was my first day in the village, and as I did not have a bike they provided one for rent (just 2USD), we took the ferry and went to the island. Once there we where shown how boats were made, we went to see wood carving art pieces made by locals, we were shown – and got to try – how to make traditional rice noodles and we saw how mats were woven. The island is a beautiful rural area, with a lot of vegetation, little temples and nice rice fields, I really enjoyed the landscape. The tour guides did a great job, they were very kind and explained a lot of traditional aspects of the life in Vietnam. It was a great opportunity for meeting new people, specially young locals! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!!

Date 19/2/2012

Source: Tripadvisor.com

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  1. Carol says:

    I have previously reviewed the free bike tour to Kim Bong and so Trip Advisor will not allow me to also review the food tour by motorbike. This was definitely the absolute highlight of our time in Vietnam. Initially I was apprehensive about traveling by motorbike with our children. I was worried about the crazy traffic as well as the risk of losing each other. As soon as we met our wonderful guides My worries were gone, they were so genuine and kind. We had the best fun riding with them, the children had smiles so wide the whole time. We felt completely safe with them. We tried lots of different foods and we all, loved the bahn mi but we would never have found the original shop on our own. To be with these beautiful young people was so inspiring, they are a real credit to Vietnam. Thanks to them all for an amazing time Thu, Loan, Shing and Nguyen, you are the best xxx

  2. Anne-Lina Dingsor-Uudelepp says:

    Anne-Lina Dingsor-Uudelepp
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