Cam Kim Bike Tour

Cam Kim is a scenic rural island which is almost entirely free of tourists. Cam Kim village tour – this pleasant ride gives cyclists a fantastic sampling of the countryside of Vietnam meandering through stunning rural scenes, rice paddies with water buffalo, villages, and local life. Cam Kim Bicycle Tour aims to offer unusual tours with memories which will remain with you forever. Our tour experiences are heightened by the absence of souvenir sellers along the route so that all you see are the REAL friendly Vietnamese faces. It is truly local culture explore.

Cam Kim Village Tour

Important Information 

  • Departure Time: 7.30 am to 11.30 am
  • Meeting point: Our office,119 Tran Quang Khai St, Hoi An, Quang Nam 550000, Vietnam (Opposite Tu Anh Restaurant).
  • Link Google Map Nam, Vietnam
  • Duration: 4 hours- bicycle
  • Tour type: Join tour
  • Tour Runs: Minimum 2 persons. Maximum on request
  • Available: Monday and Thursday
  • Distance: 10 km (round trip)
  • Make a booking:
  • Note: If you would like to join a Cam Kim Bike Tour but not on the days listed above, you can join Cam Kim Fun Bike Tour, available daily.  That bike tour is run by our sponsor  Hoi An Fun Bike Tour. You will get a 10% discount when booking from us.

Tour Price: 19 USD/ 1 adult. Kid 5- 9 years old: 15 USD

Children under 4: free (go with parents)

Activities at Kim Bong Village

1.    Visit boat building workshop

The first stop is a boat building workshop where you can see how wooden boats are made by the skillful hands of the workers there maintained from the 15th century.

Cam Kim Bike Tour

2.    Visit Huynh Ri carpentry workshop

You will see the artisans working with their skillful hands on the crafts. Kim Bong’s common products such as furniture, religious statues and finely crafted wooden doors can be found and bought at this shop.

Cam Kim Bike Tour


3.    Visit a family that makes rice noodle

Here, you can interact with local people and even can try making the noodle yourself and know more about the daily life of the people on the island.

Cam Kim Bike Tour

4.    Visit a family that makes sleeping mat

Sleeping mat is an essential thing in daily life of Vietnamese people, especially for those who live in rural areas. Visiting this family and try making the sleeping mat under the instructions of locals is an interesting thing you must try while being on the island.

Cam Kim Bike Tour

5.    Visit Huynh family Temple

Huynh family is a big family in Hoi An and on Cam Kim island. This is the place where the Huynh family’s ancestors are worshiped. Here you can have large knowledge about the architecture of Vietnamese temples as well as Vietnam history.

Cam Kim Bike Tour

6. Visit a kindergarten/primary school

During our ride, we will stop by a kindergarten/primary school where the lovely little kids study. The only word they know is “hello,” “hello,” “hello”. They love to see foreigners and love being photographed. You will love them.

Cam Kim Bike Tour

Why choose us?

You get the chance to see some of the lesser-explored parts of Hoi An.

– It’s a great way of interacting with locals

– You don’t get harassed to buy things

– There are so many photo opportunities

– You will learn a lot about local culture

– You will be touched by the kindness of the people you meet

– You will be paying it forward

On this tour, we give a small donation to the families whose homes you visit along the way. It’s a great way of supporting the local community, and you get a fun and informative morning in return.

Cam Kim Bike Tour


  • Our tour guide will welcome you at our office.
  • Visit boat building workshop to learn how to build Vietnamese wooden boat
  • Ride bicycles around the village to see rice fields, vegetable farms.
  • Learn and try your hand at a local traditional rice paper making family.
  • Visit Duy Vinh village and learn to weave sleeping mat with locals in their house.
  • Visit Huynh family temple, a typical family temple of Vietnamese people
  • Interact with local people and see the typical life of local people
  • Cycle back along the country roads
  • Enjoy Vietnamese coffee


  • Children’s bicycle available, 6 years and over.
  • Bicycle with children’s seat available upon request.

Tour Includes:

  • Bicycle
  • English speaking tour guide
  • Vietnamese coffee
  • Making rice paper
  • Learning how to weave sleeping mat
  • Water
  • Many photo opportunities

Tour excludes

Personal tip

Cam Kim Bike Tour


1. Sun-protection creams & lotions

2. Fully charged cameras

3. Caps/hat

4. Footwear – flip-flops, thongs, sandals…

5. Sunglasses

If you have any urgent request, please call our Hotline (Ms. Kim)+84 97 61 28 977/ + 84 979 58 77 44

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  1. Sally Newcombe says:

    Hello, my friend Sarah and I have booked for your Bike Tour tomorrow at 8am. Unfortunately I have a very upset stomach and am not up to coming on the tour so we are both unable to attend. We are sorry and really sad to be missing it! Thank you for all your help. Sally and Sarah

  2. Mary Ellen olson says:

    Hi. We are 5 interested in the tour on 31 march. Can you please tell me if there is space? We are a family, 3 teenagers. Thank you.

  3. Rachel Woodyear-smith says:

    Hi we are a family of 4 adults and would like to join you on a pushbike tour tomorrow Thursday. We tried to find your office but the local shop told us you have moved. We are staying at the Vin Hung Library hotel. I am a teacher of little children in New Zealand and our family would welcome the opportunity to share and to learn about your culture

  4. Dennis Larcombe says:

    We are in Hoi An now and would like to book this Cam Kim trip for this Thursday. We can drop by your office later today to confirm. We are staying at Hoi An Beach Resort, room 257.

  5. Sharon Doensen says:

    We would like to book this tour for tomorrow,2 adults. Is this possible? Thanks for your answer!

  6. Robyn Swarris says:

    Hello, I would like to do this tour with my husband on this Monday, could you please advise if you have any vacancies.

    Kind regards


  7. Mary Raymond says:

    I would like to book the free tour for 2 on June 25 and I was wondering if it is possible to arrange a paid tour to Cam Kim on Friday June 24? I would be willing to pay extra. It sounds like a lovely itinerary .I am from the USA and passing thru for 3 days.

  8. Xinya says:

    Hi I would like to register for 2pax for this tour on 20th June. Do email me if it’s confirmed. Thank you!

  9. Nancy Tran says:

    We would like to book a tour with you on June 30. Please call us at 01-224-783-099
    Or email

  10. Liz Chandler says:

    Can a single person join your Cam Kim Island tour? I want to do tour next Thursday 23 June but I am travelling alone. Thanks

  11. Yvet voppen says:

    Can I book the cam kim island tour for one person for tomorrow?

  12. Stephanie says:

    Hi, we talked briefly on the phone at 13:30 today about this tour.
    Two of us would like to join the 23rd June (Thu) Cam Kim tour.
    Please email us the information/confirmation.
    Thank you.
    —- Stephanie

  13. Good evening, I would like to book the Cam Kim Bike tour on Monday 25th July for myself and my partner if at all possible please?
    Kind Regards,

  14. Lorna McGowan says:

    Could I please book 2 adults on to the Cam Kim Bike tour tomorrow (Thursday 6th October) please.

  15. Hollie says:

    Is it possible to book 2 people on to the Cam kim bike tour tomorrow?! Thanks!

  16. Aileen Ong says:

    My friend and I are interested in joining this tour on 28th Nov 2016. Is it still available?

  17. Anh Đào says:

    I would like to book the cam Kim island tour for 3 adults onMonday23th,2917.please send me the confirmation

  18. Anh Đào says:

    I would like to book the Cam Kim Bike tour for 3 adults on Monday 23th,2017. Please send me the confirmation

  19. Mega says:

    Hi, it is possible to join tour with baby 7months?
    Thank you

  20. Dave M says:

    Will be in Hoi An in early April. I would like to book the Cam Kim Bike Tour for 6 adults on Monday the 3rd April if available.
    We have school teachers on the trip so would love to spend as much time as possible at the school if possible.
    Look forward to reply.


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